What did you experience regarding consumption of resources and time response with mounds of data in which dimension?

Consumption of resources and time response of the WissKI system primarily depend on the underlying basic system Drupal and the used triplestore. Drupal demonstrates its power as content management system e. g. on the websites of the White House (https://www.whitehouse.gov/) and MTV (http://www.mtv.de/). In the scope of the project Synat (http://www.synat.pl/) the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center integrates the data of the polish libraries, archives and museums into a SPARQL end point using the triplestore BigOWLIM which answers live despite this amount of data. Based on Drupal and by means of an appropriate data back end, e. g. BigOWLIM, WissKI is also applicable for great amounts of data.