Demo Tour

In this section a demo WissKI system is provided which demonstrates the power of semantic web technologies and all functionality we described in the previous sections.

The WissKI system 'Schlösser-WissKI' at documents some of the palaces of the Bavarian Administration of State-owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes (otherwise known as the Palace Department). You can access the 'Schlösser-WissKI' as a visitor with the following access data at the login page:
User name: guest
Password: Guest-2015

If you want to play around with WissKI’s administration features or create new datasets or your own new paths in WissKI’s Pathbuilder, you can use the editor account for 'Schlösser-WissKI' with the following access data:
User name: schloss
Password: Schloss-2016

Within the scope of some workshops two handouts developed that describe important features of WissKI on the basis of the demo WissKI system 'Schlösser-WissKI' (in German language):

  • WissKI for users (original title: WissKI aus Anwendersicht): shows basic concepts and features of WissKI
  • WissKI for administrators (original title: WissKI aus Administratorensicht): presents the prospects WissKI offers to store and use data in a semantic way. The handout explains step by step how to adapt WissKI's features to the user needs and is therefore especially directed to administrators.